Noticing things

So I’m travelling through South Africa with my bf and we went to a kindergarten to visit and play with the kids. It was mind blowing and I was so happy.
But then I noticed at the end of the day how I wanted my bf’s behaviour to change.
I love kids so much and he needs time to open up and even when he does he doesn’t love it as much as I do. And of course I want him too.
Also I have those thoughts about him:
He is to critical
He is to boring
He should be more open and warm so my life would be more adventurous and fun
In the future eventually he will slow me down.
It can’t work if I’m that way and he’s not.

Of course, I think of it really negative.
But he does a lot of stuff which I also like.
But sometimes I wish he would be more “people friendly/loving” like I am.

I guess my question is would my life be better if I had another guy next to me? How can I stop seeing my bf’s not loving the people/kids as much as I do?

My model:
C: my boyfriend tells me that he just doesn’t feel comfortable talking to kids
T: my life would be prettier, happier and more fun if he did. It would be more attractive
F: angry, resentful
A: trying to change him and giving him “feedback” on how to behave with the kids
R: I’m exhausted and our relationship suffers

This one bothered me a lot on during our big trip and I caught me right in the moment now on our current trip.

Thanks so much for your help!