Nov day 1 model

This is my 12th month in Scholars. I have been avoiding doing models the entire year because of my thought I don’t know how. I start, but never finish. It’s very frustrating. I want to “get it”, so here I am coming out of hiding and asking for help. I don’t know how to navigate the Intentional model and I’m not sure I’ve got the Unintentional one right. I have never been able to get the full circle connection between thought and result.

C – Pace of meetings/activities at work
T – I am overstimulated by all the input
F – Stressed
A – Churning thoughts – what’s next, what’s next; spinning faster and faster on the hamster wheel
R – Hyped up, overstimulated, insomnia

C – Pace of meetings/activities at work
T –
F –
A –
R –