Nov Homework 27/11

During my 20-min coaching call this morning a thought came up for me that I could not figure out where it’s coming from, the thought was “I don’t deserve to make more money”. The coach asked me why I believe that and I couldn’t answer… so I am working on this and made an UM and an IM so far, please take a look

C – Revenue only 30K
T – I don’t deserve to make more
F – inadequate and ashamed
A – I hide, I buffer, I do nothing to make more money, I judge myself harshly
R – I don’t deserve to make more money b/c I don’t show up, I don’t do the work

C – Revenue only 30K
T – great, that’s 61% more than the year before
F – proud (aren’t percentages our friends LOL)
A – I focus on my biz, I take consistent action, I show up for me, my clients and my prospects,
R – I continue to grow my revenue

Also, I wrote down that inadequate must be an indulgent feeling b/c is doesn’t create a desired action for me but only hiding and buffering, do I see this right? Then for the feeling proud from the IM I wrote down that this feeling is a very important one for me b/c I am so quick to judge myself and beat myself up which doesn’t lead to any positive outcome. If I can learn to feel proud for every (little) accomplishment then this would fuel my actions in a positive way and I would make more progress.

What I still don’t know is

Any thoughts or feedback? Thank you