November 30th Thought Download – WOAH

Hi Team,

I just wanted to share part of this morning’s thought download, as it is the last day of the month’s work… wow! It’s completely different than the previous 29 days. Much of my November’s downloads & models were very negative and indulgent. I’ve been working on being the watcher of these indulgent feelings versus just suppressing them. This morning’s download is totally different. And completely accurate. I wrote:

I feel good this morning. I was lighthearted & extra patient my son, we had an easy breakfast, and made it to daycare on time. I got dressed for work in an outfit I love and feel great in. I’m powering through this month-long cold and headed to a consulting meeting – feeling really excited. This is the work I was meant to do. This is the work I want to do. Psyched for 2018!

In my models- my feeling was “happy.” I can honestly say this feeling has not showed up in my UM yet, so it’s very exciting to experience!