November gold

We’re going in deep and you meant it. November is work i have been waiting for i feel like my whole life! It’s absolute gold. So much mind binding but so much mind blowing stuff!
I had a MAJOR break through about my negative thoughts today. I keep coming back to the same thoughts about believing i don’t have enough education/money/employable skills to do what I know i need to do in the world. logically and about 80% of the time i know that’s bs and brain junk cause i’ve achieved A lot in my life, i’m smart and i’m a good worker, but whenever i’m low or think about the past it comes right back up again and i am like ‘seriously? Again?’
I’ve been running models on it for a while but haven’t been able to really shake it.
Anyway, Today i did work on that thought. A thought download revealed a lot of thought surrounding those topics so i worked through it with the podcast work. I realized for real how that thought doesn’t serve me and why I find it annoying. Because It goes NO WHERE. It’s a total dead end thought. there’s no momentum behind it (other than toward indulging in self pity and feeling disempowered). It doesn’t give me anything thing meaty to chew on to move forward. really opened my eyes to how i want to be thinking, I want thoughts that provoke questions, i want thoughts that gain momentum towards growth and my dreams.
I decided to, if i think that thought again to simply ask myself ‘how does this thought serve me and my work in the world?
i offered myself this thought instead ‘i am, everyday, learning how to contribute, create wealth and value in the world with the skills i have’
From there i felt so empowered and felt like i could ask more questions like ‘how do i want to do more of that? In what way, why? And for whom? Etc etc’ to get the ball going. I felt SO much better.

The simple realization that that thought for me is a total dead end is life changing. Because if i can identify this thought then i can do others too. 😀

So grateful for this work!