November homework – lb: missing answer

Hi- my question was posted in responses but your answer wasnt visible. Im so curious what your answer is. Thank you

I’m hoping you can offer some insight into negative emotions vs. indulgent emotions. On Week one homework when we are asked to write down negative emotions, can any of them be indulgent ones? I have recognized that some of the indulgent emotions I have are extreme irritation and feeling less than others, feeling very envious and feeling less worthy or special than others . BUT… what I think makes these emotions indulgent ones for me is what I do to buffer when I feel these emotions- I lash out, I buffer with alchohol, I rage.. so I’m wondering if just feeling these feelings and NOT acting on them the ways I have in past would make them no longer indulgent.. i.e. it’s like the action I take when I feel them is what makes them indulgent.. but if I could learn to just feel them and say “this is envy, this is irritation, this is feeling less than” they’d just be negative emotions. What do you think?