November: Resisting vs Indulging

There are some emotions that have come up in my November homework that I can’t tell if I am indulging in them or resisting them.

For example, ‘Overworked’. My actions were to buffer & not make a plan (that involved work or proper rest)
I could see how I could be INDULGING – I am feeling so overworked that I deserve the pleasure of buffering, I am going to stay stuck in this and not do any more work
I could also see how by buffering that I was RESISTING the feeling of being overworked, and that now that I am in a new position that overworked is going to a stepping stone, an emotion that I feel along the way to figuring out how to do a bigger project than before.

The other example that I’m not sure about is ‘Disappointed’ coming from thoughts that my life should be better than it is. – Through the homework I’ve noticed that this comes up all the time, probably every day, and I think it has been repeating for years.
My actions are to buffer, stay disappointed, not change my life, find evidence that other people have a better life than mine.
I can see how this could be INDULGENT – the same emotion repeated daily for years that doesn’t actually create results
And yet, it was when I considered the possibility that my actions might actually becoming from my RESISTANCE to feeling disappointed that I got a lot of clarity. That if I just allow myself to feel disappointed about various things because I am human and life is 50/50, it feels so much lighter and cleaner.

Can you please help me with these two emotions and how to tell if I’m indulging or resisting?