Now he thinks I’m stupid

We, like most of the nation, started distance learning this week. The first day was Tuesday and I was overwhelmed trying to get my daughter set up on her Chromebook, zoom wasn’t working, and we were both flustered. I texted my Ex husband out of frustration, giving him a heads up on how much work my daughter would be doing. How I thought it was WAY to much and considered emailing the principle. In hindsight, I should have just kept my mouth shut, managed my mind, and moved on. So my daughter and I get all the kinks out, come up with a plan, before she has to go to her Dad’s the next two days. My ex calls me the following day to tell me he doesn’t see the problem, he thinks the school work is very reasonable, and he would keep her during the day that day to make sure she got all of her school work done. I was totally irritated and offended by his tone. He was talking to me like I’m stupid and was hysterical. It was a moment of frustration. I told him I chalked up the first day to overwhelm and that the first time you do anything it can be a little bumpy and no big deal. But now every night that he calls to say goodnight to my daughter he’s giving her the 3rd degree on how her day went, did she get her school work done, did she have any problems etc. I’m annoyed. We had one bad day and now he’s acting like I’m incapable. Here is my model and I’m struggling to come up with an accurate result because i’m so in my brain.
C: Ex husband asked daughter questions
T: He’s taking over because he thinks I’m stupid
F: offended
A: Spin out in my brain about how offended I am.
Vent to my husband about how offended I am.
Regret ever texting him.
Worry about what he’s telling everyone about me and what they will think about me as a mom.
Beat myself up for getting frustrated and overwhelmed so easily by the school work.
Feel guilty that now my daughter has to hear the 3rd degree from her Dad because I text him.
R:I’m allowing him to take over my thoughts? I’m worried because I feel stupid?