Now I get it: Unintentional Model VS Intentional Model #2

Replying to Ask A Coach

Unintentional Model

C line: Had one of those dreams
T line: I thought that is just the way people are towards me in real life.
F line: Triggered
A line: I woke up from the dream. Decided to write in to Ask A Coach
R line: I am learning how to process my unconscious and all the details that it shares with me through dreams and through impressions and observations when I am awake.

Intentional Model

C line Called
T line One of my core values is that i am responsible for the well being of others.
F line Empowered
A line Build the project. Massive actions for my entire life since childhood. Did just about every self help and coaching available to me from high school and throughout my whole life for over 50 years. Now doing SCS having done various good ones. Studying AACC Mental Health Life Coach First Responder. Continue to Build the Project for Mentally ill and Suicide Prevention Program a complete Health System (CCRC Sans Borders)
R line Confirmed in life with just in time wisdom. Able to run with the masters. Satisfied. Found SCS that uncovered my true calling to be a Life Coach. Healed my self concept.

Some thoughts:
I cannot give what I did not first receive. I cannot impart blessings and well being when I am also bent out of shape. I always felt pushed back and stomped down. Bruised and battered.

Unintentional Model

C line Becoming aware
T line For about three years I kept feeling that it is so sad that this has to end on a bad note
F line Clueless
A line Buffered. i was aware of the pervasive thought when i did nothing, not even prayer. Did not process.
R line Sad ending indeed.

I thought that after the fact I could at least spend time in prayer to reverse the negativity. I too failed the occasion. Lessons learned the hard way do not need memorization. I saw through the matter all along. I saw it coming. I did not respect my intuition. Even learning SCS ought to have quickened me to buckle down and deal with this that I saw very clearly.

Dear experience, thank you very much for the important lesson. Please forgive my ineptitude. It is like seeing an accident about to happen then do nothing to prevent it from happening. That sure is negligence. I refuse to be a negligent person. SCS is like going to defensive driving school. I am sure thankful for all those accidents that I was able to avoid because I went to defensive driver education. This means that SCS prepares me for the road ahead. Yes, there are going to be negative things in life. I will be able to steer clear of most all of them. As far as it is in my power to do, I am ready to do so alert and aware.