Now I get it: Unintentional Model VS Intentional Model

OK my dreams have always had significance and I have deliberately processed them by buffering before I had a clue about what buffering was. I woke up from a dream that concerned me and I decided that it was only a dream and that I need to deal with life awake. And it is also evident that I was not making good strides in my awakened life.

Well I just had one of “those” dreams. This means that I got up quicker since there is Ask a Coach. It is the kind of dream that would normally have me laying around awake for a couple more hours.

C line: Had one of those dreams
T line: I thought that is just the way people are towards me in real life.
F line: called
A line: I decided to Ask a Coach. I woke up from the dream before deciding to write in to Ask A Coach
R line: I am learning how to process my unconscious and all the details that it shares with me through dreams and through impressions and observations when I am awake.

My unconscious has been very useful to me. It is a useful, alert, and aware tool box. I bring it with me.

I did not have an intentional model this time. This is the first Unintentional Model that I did feeling like I understand. I usually do Intentional Models and then forge my way through Unintentional Models.