Now What?

I’ve been keeping track of my emotions throughout the day for the last six days. I set my alarm and check in with myself throughout the day. I’ve noticed that of my 56 listed emotions, 35 are negative. Yikes! The negative are all irritation, frustration, annoyed or stress. So what do I do now? How do I move forward in a more productive/ positive way? I listed the thought next to the emotion but since it was during the day and during my work, thought downloads weren’t an option for each one. I’ve listened to Brooke’s class in November and February about emotions and she says to allow the negative and process them but then what? Do I sit and process and then write down the new feeling I want to create? Should I look for patterns in the thoughts? Maybe similar circumstances? I just want to use all this info to propel me forward, not keep me stuck. Thanks!