NS NF but no weight loss

I have been doing NSNF for 6 weeks and not lost a pound. I just go up and down three pounds based on sodium I think. When I first started following NS NF and a protocol, I lost 60 pounds at a very steady rate from the first week. Then for several months I lost no weight. I lost focus, was cheating on my protocol, and of course my result was the same weight within 3 pounds + or -. Eventually I recommitted to myself, would work really hard for several weeks, and get no results so I would give up. This time I have managed my thoughts and been intentional with them. I have focused on all the health benefits of eating this way and committed to myself that I want to eat NS NF and follow a protocol for my health, not just weight loss. Part of being healthy is losing that last 70 pounds though. I am not sure what else to do. I drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day, I get plenty of sleep, I meditate, I weigh and measure my food, I fast 14-16 hours each night, I’ve even done some 20 hour fasts to see if it would help. I had my hormones checked in December and medications adjusted. I am physically active. Any suggestions?