So I’m listening to the very first stop over drinking phone call. According to what I think you are saying is that you can have many urges a day and count each one as s separate allowed urge. I find for me that an allowed urge is not a five minute urge then it goes away , then it comes back 15 min later etc… counting that as a few urges. For me experiencing an allowed urge can come on at 4:30 but there and a not so called break in between them. It can last for a couple of hours and yet I wouldn’t say I’m resisting. I’m aware of it and feeling it and working through it using various strategies, thoughts, watching, etc… maybe it stays with me until 6:00 pm ( 2.5 hrs later). I am counting this as one successful urge I did not drink and eventually usually after eating dinner it has passed. So that for me would be one check in the box of allowed urges. Secondly , most of my worked on urges are days where I plan not to drink at all. I’m somewhat successful with that. On my planned drinking days I’m pretty generous with what I allow myself so I am not allowing for failure. Now I know in time that I have to focus on quantity as well. But, for me a huge problem is daily drinking. I feel I want to work on changing that drinking habit and then if I choose to concentrate on amounts in drinking planned days I will. So in summary, my urges are not like waves within a day or night. They start and end within a long period of time. And, I’m focusing on… I am planning an allowed urge which means I will not be drinking at all that day. Am I good with this.
Thanks R