Number of things to work on at a time

Hello! I’m already SO HAPPY to be in SCS and have lost over 3 pounds in a week of following my protocol. Thank you coaches for your advice to “have my own back” and stick to a protocol to shut off the noise in my brain. It feels like it is helping.

My question is around what to focus on and how much time to spend on each thing. I work a full time job that pays me very well but when I asked my brain the question “What would I want if I didn’t want to lose weight”, I uncovered a LOT of dreams that I wasn’t looking at. I think this idea of “going all in” with a protocol needs to be looked at in a lot of areas of my life. I tend to be a “toe dipper” so things are better than fine, but I don’t do any one thing with excellence.

Some of the things that came up were: Start a consulting business that earns enough money to travel 2-3 months out of the year (omg that makes me SO excited), meet the love of my life and build an amazing relationship (scary as I feel like the universe has to deliver that person), run a marathon, run a sub 9 minute mile, kill it at my current job, read a new book each week, etc.

My question is about focus. When I did the “Do Goals” exercise, I identified that I can train for running (I was active prior to the protocol) and lose weight at the same time but I feel this desire to start working on the consulting option too. Would you recommend I hold off, reach my goal weight first and then let that success feed my next goal? I already feel thoughts of “I can weigh whatever I choose” and that’s never happened, which is amazing. I have 20-30 pounds to lose.

Thank you!