Number on the Scale

I really want to get where I truly believe the number on the scale is neutral and is just the gravitational pull on my body at that point in time. I want to believe it just is, and it is my thoughts about that number that make it mean something. I am not there quite yet, but I have been practicing weighing myself daily, seeing what it brings up for me and saying “so what?” I feel I am making progress, meaning the number on the scale doesn’t feel as charged as it used to. Weighing daily has helped me see how things affect it, besides food, such as sleep, hormones, alcohol etc.

My question is are there any good bridge thoughts to practice in this transitional period?

Current thoughts about my weight = I still need/want to lose 15 pounds (have lost 8). Yay, it is going down so keep doing what I am doing because it is working. Although, I wish it was coming off faster.