Numbing out

Hello friend!
I notice that with evening rest, the activities I choose to do are watching Netflix and eating (not so much overeating anymore) but I have developed a pattern of taking breaks and having meals. I am curious what rest would look like without going unconscious. Part of me thinks that I have a morning routine that is dialed in and that by the evening, what’s visually coming to mind is a balloon that is full all day and then starts to deflate. What does rest look like without anything external? I am also taking responsibility for buffering with self-development and planning too. It’s an interesting conversation to have and it’s funny because I taught Yoga & Meditation for over 3 years and helped people to find their calm. I will say that I like my reason for watching Netflix (because I want to and enjoy it). I don’t use it to avoid doing work, but I did order a bunch of books and take ownership of deciding to watch vs read for the past couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing any insights! So much love and gratitude!