Hello Brooke!
I love your program and have felt fantastic on it: emotionally fantastic and I’ve had some amazing weight loss.
I did really well for about three months and about a month ago I choose to allow sugar and snacking back into my diet and it awakened the sugar-addict again. Help! I’ve been yo-yo-Ing ever since to get back to the 16-hour fasting window, no sugar, no flour, no snacking protocol that I had established and that I felt great on. I knew that I initially was making faster physical progress than emotional progress so I’m trying to learn more about me while finding my way back to (and beyond!) where I had come to when I choose to go back to emotional eating. I consider it a success that I am learning to be kind to me despite not having done it ‘perfectly’, despite gaining some weight back.

I’ve listened to the stop-overeating workshop again and personally, healthy overeating is also an issue for me. I could over-desire chicken breast, as much as chocolate, and nuts….. How do nuts effect dopamine and insulin? I have allowed one serving of them in my protocol but this last month, if I have one serving, I want the whole bag of whatever kind of nut it is. It isn’t a salt-craving because I choose raw, unsalted nuts. I recognize that I have to eliminate the moderation chatter and simply cut out these trigger foods but I’m curious to know if there is a physical reason for my nut addiction or if it is just part of my personal emotional eating?

Have you ever made a podcast on emotional overeating heathy food? The thought is included in many of your podcasts but I thought I’d ask.

And a special thank you for Lauren’s coaching, telling me that we don’t fall off the wagon, that this isn’t failure, but part of the process.

I’m still going to get this!