NYE + Dating

I spent Christmas with the guy I’m dating. He didn’t want to also spend New Years together and that kinda hurt my feelings because I didn’t understand. But, I let it go and a few days later I asked for him to call me on NYE at midnight to say Happy New Years since we won’t be together for it. He said one word in response. “No.” I explained to him how important it was to me and I assumed from that he would have changed his mind to call.

He did not call. I got a text at 10:40pm saying “happy new year.”
I’m so hurt and I feel stuck. We have had bumps in the road recently and I feel this is yet another complaint I have.

C: I asked him to call for NYE and he didn’t
T: Why is he so cold and mean?
F: hurt
A: disconnect, resentment, ruminate,
R: I want a different man

I know he is an adult and can do what he wants, but his choice affects me. I don’t see any valid reason to his “no.” It feels cold and discovered. I don’t know how to get past this or make it neutral.
If I do make it neutral, I don’t want a man that doesn’t care about what I want. But then I wonder if I’m overreacting?