Obsessing question

Please help me with obsessing and ruminating.

Would this be considered indulgent?
C-Obsessing and ruminating about relationship loss
T-I know he never loved me, everything was a lie, I just want to die, this is the most terrible thing ever to happen to me
F- curl up and die pain
A- frozen
R- continuing to create terrible things for myself

C-Obsessive thoughts such as “he never loved me” “everything was a lie”
T- My survival brain is seeking certainty and therefore wants to go black and white but this is not black and white; so, instead of obsessing I will 1) commit to believing that the relationship had supreme moments of love, and I will 2) commit to pointing myself in the direction of intentional thoughts and what I want to create next in life, including a new relationship.
F-committed, decisive, protected in a way, like I am smart, loving, and have my own back
A- Recommit to an action plan that is forward moving
R- Move forward in life