Obsessing thoughts about food and alcohol

I am in bulimia recovery + working on my overdrinking problem and I find myself really struggling with obsessive thinking about food and alcohol. Even though I do well (like when I do not drink or overeat), I’m catching myself thinking about food and worrying about whether I will be able to go through the day without binging or drinking too much. Sometimes I just can’t wait to go to bed so I will be able to mark the day as “done” and finally get some relief from constant worrying and dealing with urges. It is not about me having nothing else to do in my day, it’s more like I do my job, meet friends, whatever BUT I still have this thought at the back of my mind. It’s extremely exhausting. I would like to think of food only when I’m hungry and alcohol only when there is an occasion. Please, help me to understand what I’m doing wrong and how I can shift my thoughts from this. Thank you!