I am judging myself because I met someone around a year ago, we are both married, nothing physical happened but it felt as if we were in a relationship, we shared a lot and talked non stop, then all of a sudden he distanced himself but was saying he still felt the same.

I can’t seem to let go of this, I keep telling myself I didn’t do anything to make him dis-interested, but what I really believe is that once he got to know me he decided I wasn’t that interesting or attractive. I am really, really struggling with rejection. I’ve been checking my phone hundreds of times in the day, I’m not sure why I’m doing it as he never messages.

To be honest I feel as if he couldn’t even be bothered to reject me as, if we happen to see each other he carries on and speaks to me how he always has. But if we don’t see each other (which we haven’t during covid) he doesn’t bother at all. He love bombed me in the beginning and I’m struggling to make sense of what changed.
He recently posted a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day , I tried to do a model on this, but once I did it I didn’t really know how to move on from it or how to feel better

C seeing photo
T this is not right he is such a liar
F hurt, sad, angry
A sit and process the emotion
R getting back on with my day

I tried to get back on with my day but it has been on my mind and finding it tough.
I feel like a terrible person for even being in this situation.