I’ve been noticing how I tend to obsess about upsetting things that happens and then stay stuck in my feelings around them. I don’t have any trouble accessing my feelings and feeling them but the obsessive thoughts over what happen won’t stop. I have spent the entire past year super angry about something that happened w/ a coworker. We have not spoken all year. I finally just resigned from my job in large part due to what happened and feeling no support from my supervisor around the event that took place. I felt like I needed to get out of there to maintain my sanity and stop obsessing…if I didn’t have contact with that coworker she would not be in my brain. I have definitely felt much better and am not obsessing since leaving the office but it didn’t really get resolved. Feeling like I probably need to work on this in order to clear it and move forward even tho it’s not really up for me right now. I’m new to SCS this February. I understand the idea around the models theoretically but when I try to do them I feel like I don’t really know how to do an effective one. Here’s a try: C: Amy
T: She stabbed me in the back and tried to ruin my reputation at work F: Rage A: Avoid her and don’t interact with her R: Obsession and ongoing anger. I would love your feedback to help work on this issue. I want to reach a place of neutrality with it.