Obsessive Thoughts

Dear Coach,

There is a situation in my life that I don’t really know how to deal with.

I made some music with another musician for 3 years and I stopped my collaboration 6 months ago because I was so confused by my feelings for him, and also for other reasons. When we were collaborating, I was thinking about him everyday and I had some obsessive thoughts about him, but we didn’t have a love affair. We were only friends and made music together. I am married, as is he, and I am really happy with my husband.

So I decided to stop seeing him and stop making music with him. But even though he isn’t in my life anymore, I still have obsessive thoughts about him and I don’t know how to deal with that because it takes up too much space in my head.

If you can help me, I will be so happy.

Thank you in advance and wish you a nice day.