obsessive thoughts about what I cannot have

Hi Coaches, I am doing Stop Overdrinking and Advanced weight loss at the same time..BECAUSE my doc suggested I stop alcohol, sugar, gluten due to digestive issues..So, I just stopped it all last weekend….Now, I am looking at the courses…I have been off and on wanting to commit to no drinking for a while. I have also done the advanced weight loss way of eating before..lost weight, felt good, but, could never get over the resistance and obsession over what I could not have..so I ended up bingeing and then getting back on etc. etc. Until I finally just went back to regular eating with overeating mixed in and gained my weight back..I have been working on models for this…It does not seem to help the resistance
C-NSNF- and IF
T-this is so good for me and my body
F-who cares I am so deprived
A-stating in resistnace
R-No peace
C-NSNF plus IF
T-this is easy and makes perfect sense for my life
F-grrrrrrrrrrrr..why must I be different
A-resistance and angst
R-no peace
I cannot get to a good thought that lets my resistance go..All weekend I have been thinking about upcoming events…(I mean in years to come even)..where I won’t be able to eat cake or have champagne and i have just been in a funk all weekend.. How can I find peace with all of this..I know it’s what is right for me and my best health. My doc even recommends the IF…. BUT, I can’t let go of thoughts all day about things I cannot have and events I will not be able to enjoy….this is what kind of derailed me last time……I will be grateful for your insight.