Obsessive thoughts

Hello Brooke and coaches,

I am new to scholars as well (joined in October), and I have to say I do LOVE the MODEL. I have been ‘watching’ my thoughts for quite a while now, and after I discovered your MODEL I have been applying it and saw results.

My problem is I feel I am becoming obsessed with my thoughts, and I constantly need to ‘watch’ them. Sometimes I can catch the negative thought right away and change it, but sometimes, as hard as I try, I can’t. Is this normal? At times I find this super interesting, but sometimes I find it exhausting.

This week, for example, I have applied the MODEL in almost every negative circumstance I encountered, and I managed to change it and stay positive and have a good week; however, I woke up this morning with this super anxious feeling and even though I tried all day long to change my state, I couldn’t do it and I don’t understand why. Is it because I need more practice?

Thank you Brooke. I am so happy I “found” you.