Obstacle Help

I really want to be prepared by next year to tackle my impossible goal but I am having a hard time resolving one obstacle.  This obstacle is learning to live with a disorder associated with sleeping 10+ hours daily.

Long story short, I stopped the first medication I was prescribed for this disorder (after getting the ok to stop taking it).  The withdrawal symptoms were awful.  I took two days off work this month already and a lot of the things on my calendar are not getting done.

I am honestly not sure how my body will react to the next medication and whether or not the side effects will result in taking more days off from work.  I really hope the medication will help me be more alert without experiencing the intense side effects like the last medication.  Right now its been devastating picking and choosing things from the list of things I had scheduled and was able to get done during a single day.

I heard Brooke talking on a recent coaching call (I believe it was on December 9th) about how to tackle weight loss by getting good at feeling any emotion. What do I need to get good at in order to resolve this obstacle?