Obstacle thoughts

I listened to your Podcast this morning and wanted to put it into practice. I have the protocol down and know what to eat, when to eat and what works best but I don’t have my thoughts in line with the goal, otherwise I would be there by now. I have been cheating on myself. I feel better on protocol, my skin looks better and my health improves. Here are what I think are obstacle thoughts are:
10# is not that much to loose why waste mental thought on it.
It is hard
Lots of planning
Can’t participate in desert with family
Sitting with thoughts and feelings is hard
At least I don’t binge anymore
It is easier to not pay attention
Time consuming
From here I model all of these thoughts and come up alternate thoughts to think, correct?
C: Last 10#
T: Why not show yourself what you are capable of ? It really isn’t hard at all.
F: Determined
A: Prep, TDL’s, movement, water, vitamins and sleep
R: Loose the last 10#
Then prep for real life obstacles like prep for emotional days (do TDL in the afternoon instead of the morning when I am most likely to eat) and stick to meal planning no matter what.
I want to make sure I am going through the right process. Thanks.