Obstacles into strategies

Hey Brooke,

Okay so I’m working on getting my very first paying client by the end of the month.

I did what you said and would like a little bit of clarity.

You said list out all the obstacles.

Here they are:

– my audience may not trust me
– I have a small list
– they won’t like my freebie
– they might think my price is too high
– live streams make me nervous
– I might not want to do the work
– I will procrastinate
– I don’t have a clear plan
– I have too many ideas
– I don’t know where to begin
– I’m not an expert
– No one will sign up
– I’ll be to tired
– I won’t feel like it
– it’s too hard
– it won’t work

Basically a bunch of thoughts and some “math” drama

Okay this is where I need some assistance — the strategies.

– create a 3 day live training series where my people can learn to trust and like me
– have Instagram subscribers sign up to be on my list
– create a Facebook group where I can give even more valuable free content
– get feedback to improve freebie
– believe in my offer and the price
– practice doing live streams
– models and thought work daily, also 15 minutes before a scheduled task
– choose ONE idea and make a plan for it
– do it no matter what
– if the idea doesn’t work, try a different idea

Some of these are difficult to put in a schedule

The plan I have so far is

In the next week poll my instagram audience on their current problems to understand them more and align my messaging with what their current issues are.

Use my current freebie to create a 3day live training, where I basically go over what I teach on food cravings.

This gives them a chance to interact with me and progress them through the customer journey a lot quicker.

This will likely be done in a closed Facebook group.

Where I will then invite them to a mini call.

I have all the content already in my freebie, I’m just going to break up into 3 pieces.

Currently I have around 400 people that watch Instagram stories. Even if a small portion of those people sign up — I’d take that as a win.

Instagram makes this easy because they can just select “YES” or “NO” if they’re interested.

Then I can just personally invite them and create a dialogue.

James Wedmore did this when I said I was interested in a certain thing he was teaching.

He then messaged me to invite me to the free training.

So I’m going to try that.

How does that sound so far?

Can you provide tips on how to schedule the strategies ?

Thank you !!

Ps. Still freaking out.

But when I think in terms of math – it’s a bit easier.