Obstacles on the way to bettering depression…!!!

Hiiii Brooke,

I am scheduling small plans and goals and trying to follow it through but I am hit by negative thoughts that stop me from doing it, doubt my abilities and the plan itself constantly and they basically discolour my mood and make my mood worse.

Now , am I supposed to carry on with my plans and follow through them all the while feeling worse or, am I supposed to quickly change it into positive thought , feel better and then carry on with the scheduled activities?

Also, I tried feeling the unpleasant emotion created by these negative thoughts before I could change them into positive but it is so hard for me to really feel this emotion in a way that’s not a big deal. The unpleasantness remains for a long time and sometimes feels unbearable. What is the problem here?

Also, am I supposed to distract myself from this unpleasantness by being mindful and through really engaging with the activity and the surroundings etc. while doing the scheduled activity or am I supposed to feel this unpleasantness throughout the period of activities and still force myself to follow through it ?

If this unpleasantness is supposed to be felt throughout the scheduled activity period and until it lasts to better depression, how many days will it take until I see small improvements in my mental health/ depression? Will it start to be easier and easier to do stuffs if I carry on forcing myself to do scheduled activities all the while feeling this unpleasantness?

I really want to make my depression better so could you please answer all my questions on each paragraph?

Thank you for your help till now. It has been really helpful and brought hopefulness in my life . XOXO