Occasional binge eating

I’m in a process of weight loss for a few years now, all going very well. I want to lose 7 kgs more, approximately, to be in the mid-normal-weight range. However, there seems to be some self sabotage going on in the last year, with once monthly (approximately) binges. This ends up meaning I then just maintain my current weight rather than lose the last few kgs.

Yesterday it was a day where a binge happened, from lunch time until evening on & off.

Here are the 2 models I did today on it. Can I get suggestions as to how to progress as I want to more actively tackle this issue, find different ways to deal with it?

Unintentional model
C – (What was factually going on before or at the time of lunch?) At work working, 12 pm
T – (What were you thinking that created the emotion below?) I have no time to go to supermarket and get my planned lunch. I also don’t want to do the walk. I prefer to buy something from cafe and get on with my tasks
F – (What were you feeling that drove the action below?) I think desire (for cafe food), also opportunistic, rebellious (against restriction?)
A – Go off meal plan, binge eat
R – (What result do you create from the actions above?) I make it harder for myself to lose 7 kgs

There is also the Unintentional model with the binge now as a C
C – Since lunchtime and until 8 pm I ate (list of specific foods). I had a binge
T – (what do I think about it?)
I’ll never lose the weight I want to lose
I always do it at exactly the point things are looking better with my weight
I’m out of control
F – (What are you feeling when thinking these thoughts?)
A – avoid doing meal plan the next day
avoid walking the next day
likely to eat without pleasure the next day
sometimes likely to restrict (ie fasting)
not weigh myself the next morning to ‘not see the damage done’
various self critical thoughts
If I don’t keep an eye can lead to further buffering sometimes
R – (What result do you create from the actions above?) I make it harder for myself to lose 7 kgs – same as with the binge!

Don’t really want to move directly to an intentional model as this is where I am, instead I want to dig deeper into these models.