Hi Brooke,

I’ve had body focused OCD since I was a teenager and had periods whet it doesn’t bother me and then times when I feel so trapped inside my own head that it’s driven me to despair. A course of cbt helped but the past few days it’s reared its head and I’ve felt out of control and negative that it’s a thought loop I can’t and will neve be able to break. I feel it’s connected to repressing emotion and sounds stupid but not really sur how to release this and properly feel. Would love some advice with models, thank you.

C – ocd
T – why can’t I stop obsessing
F – anxious, agitated, frustrated
A – berate myself, overthink, focus on ocd impulse (in my case it’s body focused so paranoia I’m not taking full breaths so find myself yawning a lot on purpose as chest feels tight)
R – stuck!

T – (I struggle with a bridging thought)
F – accepting
A – go about my day and focus on something else other than this thought and sensation
R – free