OCD and false memory

I have OCD and I think the model can be used to help. It’s basically a disease of self doubt.
I decided to quit a role after months of receiving aggressive group emails, and one that went too far for me. I quit on the spot, saying I don’t agree with the colleague’s assertions and need to move on, but have loved working with them and thank you. I then deleted all of these messages.
But now I question whether I said something awful and can’t remember. I do this often/ like I photograph any letters I send/cards etc in case I’ve written abusive messages. (I never have and never would!)
But this is false memory OCD.

C: sent polite text to boss saying I am moving on, and to say thank you.
T: what if I said something defamatory and I can’t remember?
F: panic
A: spin, try to remember, check texts (I can’t, I deleted.) Worry, try to reassure myself that I wouldn’t do this
R: don’t trust myself