OCD Diagnosis

I’m a certified coach and I am feeling super lost right now.

Here’s the deal: I was diagnosed with OCD by a psychiatrist years ago and am struggling to put it in the C line. I know Brooke puts her chronic anxiety in the C line so I assume all mental illness goes in the C line. I keep thinking that I can somehow fix the OCD with thought work. It’s hard for me to accept the diagnosis because although I have symptoms of OCD, I feel like it means I’m broken and I feel really embarrassed to even say that’s a thing. I’m trying to think of this mental illness similarly to someone who experiences chronic pain. I just have chronically painful thoughts? I don’t know how this fits in the model. OCD is all about control. I’ve done compulisive things since childhood like rewriting notes to friends until perfect, checking locks repeatedly, cleaning and rearranging my home, hoarding ideas I’d written as notes both digitally and physically, etc. I still do things that may seem over the top to some people, but I usually just brush it off and don’t think I have OCD. I’m just really confused if I’m just blowing this out of proportion and how this all fits into the teachings at LCS. I don’t know what I can control and can’t when it comes to my thoughts and my OCD. I’m so confused. Please help me see what I’m doing and what I could do to figure this out.