OCD Urge Protocol

Hi there,

Similar to the protocol that Brooke refers to in weight loss, I feel I need a protocol of what I am going to do daily so that I can refer to it throughout the day or “as needed”.

Sometimes I find some success at talking myself “away from the ledge” of repeating behaviors over and over and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I bully myself into not repeating the behavior (telling myself there’s something wrong with me, it’s ridiculous to do this over and over, this isn’t normal behavior, etc. etc.) which sometimes works in the moment, but doesn’t stop or dissipate the urge – it’s like putting the urge in a “head lock”, where it can’t move in the moment – but again, that’s only a ineffective long-term solution, but somewhat effective short-term solution.

Any suggestions for a protocol? I’ve been doing models, but I feel like I need to script an actual protocol that I carry with me in my pocket or keep somewhere close to me, so I can refer to it and remind myself of so that I can practice allowing the urge in the moment. It does get a bit tough when you’re in the bathroom, for instance, thinking of the millions of reasons (and germs) that you should wash your hands again, “Just in case.”

I appreciate any suggestions or ideas on an OCD protocol. Thank you!