October homework – Minimalism and anxiety

Hi Brooke!
I LOVE the October homework! It’s the first time in 6 months (I’m a VIP now, yay!) that I feel “ahead of the game” and totally comfident, because I love minimalism. My closet was already cleaned out before now, because for several seasons, I’ve been participating in Courtney Carver’s Project 333 minimalist fashion challenge (wear 33 items for 3 months). I have no car, so nothing to clean on that side and since I moved from France to Poland, I took the minimum with me. I guess I can still do this month’s homework with paperwork because I bet you there’s loads that’s not useful anymore 😉
This month is really helpful for my self-coaching. It’s the first time in 6 months that I’ve done thought downloads every single day.

Here’s the one from today: Every weekend, when I wake up, I feel anxious, because I’m wondering how to spend a “good” weekend. Then I feel guilty of feeling anxious, because I tell myself: “Come on, it’s the weekend, it’s time to rest and relax, there’s nothing to feel anxious about”. Just like when I’m at work, I want to give it my best shot, in the weekends, I want to be sure that what I do is “real” rest and self-care, nothing self-indulgent or buffering.

Unintentional model

C Weekend
T I’m not sure what to do to spend a good weekend
F Anxious
A Read books, watch movies, do my laundry or clean my flat without really enjoying it
R I don’t feel fully rested

C Weekend
T I’m going to have a great weekend
F Enthusiastic
A Do all the same things as in previous model, enjoying every bit of it
R Feel rested

Are my models right or have I mixed several models in one? Because there were different thoughts in my download. Every time I feel anxious, I think about your ugly, heavy purse and it makes me smile 🙂 I also think about: “Life’s 50/50”, it’s normal. But I also feel restless and have the urge to “get busy” and run around like a headless chicken… How do I allow the feeling to be there without reacting to it? When I’m sad, I cry, for example. I’ve just started yoga classes twice a week, and it feels awesome! So sometimes, I just sit quietly and breathe like in the yoga class, but I can’t do that for the entire day, when the feeling hangs around…
Thanks a lot for your help!