October Homework: No facts

I am finding that when I do my thought download each morning, there are no facts in it. Most days this week, the download has been entirely negative thoughts: “These home repairs will ruin us. We will never get ahead. There is something about me that prevents me from really thriving.” Today, it is entirely positive thoughts: “This will be a beautiful day and a beautiful weekend. My circumstances are just right for me and I can have fun with them. I have a great coach for writing my novel and a great idea for a first draft. I am fortunate to have a low-stress, interesting job to support my creative efforts.” I am now aware after a week of this that my thoughts include no facts. What do I do with that information? Should I attempt to think more facts? Or just be aware that there are no facts in my thought downloads and pay attention to how the negative and positive thoughts affect me? Thank you!