October homework question: sell or donate antique/vintage items that have worth online?

I have a LOT of vintage and antique items, from very small household items to clothes to furniture, from my grandparents that I’m finally letting go of this month (hurrah!). These items have worth on websites like eBay, Craigslist etc (I’ve checked) because they’re in great condition and historical — some are almost 100 years old. Do you recommend spending the time it’ll take to sell these items online to make money or donating them? I’m finding it tough to let go of the money I’ll likely make (which could be relatively significant), as well as potentially losing these historically significant items into the abyss of donation. For example, some are toys from the 1940s that are cool to look and educate us about that time period, however I wouldn’t give them to a child to play with anymore! But I also know it’ll take a lot of time and work to sell all of this, and there could be no purchases on some of them, which I’m not excited about. Thank you.