October Homework…. seems like something is missing – AMD

Hi Brooke,

I am finding this month’s daily homework to be frustrating and I have a lot of resistance to it. So that tells me that there is a lot to work with there. Which is good. However, the daily work seems to leave me suspended, incomplete and I’m wondering if there are additional questions we might be answering that would be helpful in bringing resolution.

For instance, week one, we listed positive thoughts and negative thoughts in that order. Which left my mind in a negative state (primed for negative) when I moved to page two. Then we did positive and negative for our lives in that order again, leaving my mind primed for negative again… and it was uncomfortable for sure. I finally had to do these at the end of the day because I was leaving for work angry, frustrated and really feeling like my evil self. (DRAMA!)

I kept thinking, is the point of this to show how much power these thoughts have? And if so, good to know, but I need a list of steps to take next to reel this in. There didn’t seem to be any organizing going on. Just powerful negative priming.

What was I missing that week?