October work

Hey there Brooke!

I am so pumped for this month!!!! I laughed at everything you said in the October videos. Anytime you call us out for things we are doing in our own minds and lives, I think it’s just hilarious because I think “yes I’m totally doing that, silly me”. Anyway, my brain likes to pretend its confused about everything then keep me stuck, so this month instead of just letting the days go by, I want to make sure I’m in here asking questions for clarification so my brain has ZERO excuses.

My first question is: for week 1 question #4 “What I learned from doing this and how I feel.” Is this something I answer AFTER I have cleaned the closet I have chosen? Do I go back to it once its done to fill out the question or is it something I do after I have set up the WHAT, WHEN AND TIME FRAME?

Second question: Can you help with pulling out the facts from my thought download? These are all thoughts about starting my health coaching business

Thought download:
People wont care about what I have to say,
It’s a lot of work,
I have so much to learn,
I won’t know what to say,
I will fail,
I will suck at this
My people will show up
I’m excited for a new start
I won’t be able to quit my job
I wont figure this out.
I’ll make a fool of myself.

3rd question: Question 5: So I come up with new ones every day?

List some positive circumstances from your life:
I travelled the country with FEMA
I went on an amazing road trip to the grand canyon
I have a sweet Boyfriend
I have a home
I have a car
I have a job

LAST QUESTION: Once all this has been written down, is this the part you talked about “deciding whether we want to keep it or say goodbye?”. Also, would saying goodbye also mean, rewriting the story?

List some negative circumstances from your life:
I had an abusive ex boyfriend
I didnt have a normal childhood
I was born with a birth defect
I have shame over what I did when I was 14

List some positive thoughts you have had through out your life.
I can do anything I set my mind to.
I am adaptable
I have an open mind
Im strong

List some negative thoughts you have had through out your life:
Life is hard
People only care about themselves
Society sucks
This would happen to me (anytime something negative happened)

Thanks Brooke, I know it was a lot but I want to make sure I am starting off completely clear on what I need to do this month.