Octobers Homework – a couple of questions!

Hi Brooke,

I’ve a few q’s about this months homework. Question 3 and 4 in the workbook, is the aim to pick out the positive/negative thoughts from the thought download in Q1 or are these completely separate and I’m to write more positive/negative thoughts?

Then Q5 and Q6, am I listing circumstances I think positively and negatively about, as in the positive/negative thoughts I have about circumstances in my life? Or just stating the circumstance fact under positive or negative? For example, I am 28 and live at home with my parents and older brother. So for Q5 I wrote ‘I’ve a lovely comfortable family home to live in with low rent’ and then Q6 I wrote ‘I live at home with my parents at 28 I need to get out’. I’m not sure I am answering them correctly…