October’s Results – AMD

Hi Brooke,

Thanks so much for hosting the model-a-thon this weekend. I enjoyed the experience and it was great to meet so many wonderful scholars….

I got my money’s worth out of October here today in my hotel room – and I’m a little mad about it as crazy as that is. I was thinking just this morning that October is most likely the month when I wouldn’t get as much out of it. And that I really didn’t care for this month so much.

But… on my schedule it said to spend 1 hour on SCS homework. And I had 5 little minutes left of that hour. So I did one more question.

8. Write out a current model below.. what would you like your model to be instead.
C: Employment
T: I need my job
F: Boxed in
A: Work at job
R: Need job

C: Employment
T: I don’t need my job
F: Open, expansive
A: Work at new business in evenings instead of overworking at job
R: I don’t need my job.

Holy F.

I almost pissed that it’s that easy. What the heck have I been DOING for the last five years?
And it’s not like I haven’t thought that I can start a business and build it so that I don’t feel so attached or needy about my job. And, heck, that’s been my plan.

What’s freaky is that having the thought first makes the action almost a given. Why didn’t you tell us that? (joking) (I’m still feeling a pretty annoyed that this is the answer after 7 months of practicing models… and now I’m thinking .. whoa.. practicing models… understanding models more…. practice… must work.. brain escapes from ears in puff of smoke…)