Off eating plan

I was doing really well today following my protocol then veered totally off. I’m hoping writing this out and getting some coaching can help me slow this down and get some clarity for next time…
I was pretty much able to follow everything except we were out longer than I expected this morning so my second coffee which I’d planned at a certain time was pushed off.
By the time dinner came around our plans changed (really I knew this but forgot when I was writing my plan) and we took the kids out for ice cream and picked up a pizza. I got a salad instead of ice cream (not on my plan but on my protocol) and truly enjoyed it… but then at home I ate a piece of pizza. (Thought: “this is worth it”) Then I had another about 20 minutes later (“I’m really hungry.”)
After working with a client, I came back out and saw my blood sugar was really high (“now I’m REALLY craving something sweet and I’m still hungry. Plus… I already messed up. I’ll take some PB and chocolate chips that’s better than a cookie.”)
Soooo processing urges… I had mini-urges all day, seeing something I wanted and passing up. By the end of the day, the urges felt much STRONGER. Almost like they went from blips to full out earthquakes… can’t I practice on mid-sized urges?? And I really felt I had underplanned for how much to eat.
I’m going to try to make a more realistic plan for tomorrow and also expect some more intense urges in the evening… any other advice from this?