Off plan / Swapping

What would you recommend for the following scenario… You planned an item on your protocol the day before and then it’s not available or its spoiled. How would you decide to replace it?

Also if you eat off protocol (ex. a piece of cake) do you finish your day’s plan or do remove items to balance the calories? I guess what is more important, balancing calories or working the model.

Around here, we love keeping commitments to ourselves from a place of love.

How would your future self, the one who is at the exact weight you want to be at, answer this for you?

How can you show up for yourself by setting yourself up for success by knowing that your planned foods are ready and available?

Our brains love when we give them options after we have made a plan. This is where the slope can get slippery. Just be onto yourself and your thoughts about your food and plan.

Trust yourself to know exactly how to love and serve this amazing body of yours.