Off protocol for 4 days and gained 6 pounds!

On Thursday I went off my protocol for four days and gained six pounds.  I’m thinking it’s unfair and that I should be able to go off the protocol which feels restrictive sometimes and now I have such a radical shift on the scales.

On Thursday I coached a client and felt rushed.  Looking back I should have rescheduled her to work through her second issue.  My boundaries are not yet developed strongly enough.  I got off the call with the following model:

C- session
T – I’m not good enough to be a coach
F – failure
A – EAT EAT EAT, storm, binge eat
R – Find evidence of why I’m not good enough; gain weight

I also have some kind of thought mixed in there that I can’t be a successful business coach while I’m not in control of my emotions and relationship with food.  I would love some pointers please so I can create some new models.  Thank you kindly.