Off Protocol – Not Feeling Guilty

Yesterday I substituted my planned dinner meal to go out for a date night with my boyfriend. We have a 19-month old and do not often get to do this, but the opportunity came and we thought it would be nice to do something for ourselves. I went into the dinner with this model in mind:
C: I am substituting my protocol meal for a dinner out with Charlie.
T: substituting my meal doesnt mean I am failing, it means I am allowing myself the time and grace to learn from this experience so I can grow in this process.
F: confident
A: I split a burger with Charlie and do not feel guilty for the food I chose to eat.
R: I allow myself the opportunity to observe my feelings and the way the food makes me feel so that I can learn more about myself.

So I kept that thought in mind and I did actually create this result by the end of the night! I realized that eating the flour and and unhealthy food is starting to no longer “bring me joy/happiness”, but just the activity of being out with my bf and us spending time together was what made me happy. And I realized that I was actually feeling very neutral towards the food. It was good food, but it wasn’t “the best part of my day”. And I feel like this is a such a huge step for me to get to the place where I no longer WANT to eat the flour and sugar and unhealthy foods. I realized I don’t need “the best meal ever” to have a good time with my boyfriend. I just need me and my intentional thoughts that will get me that result! It feels great to know that.