Offensive Colleagues

I’m very offended when my colleagues keep telling me that I’ve lost a lot of weight and I need to stop it as it’s making me look very sick like a skeleton. I feel like crying every time they do that . They feel they can say whatever they want to me. It hurts a lot. I took a lot of effort to lose weight and I’ve changed my life while doing that . At no cost I will gain all that weight just because my colleagues feel I look sick . I’m not sick . I feel healthy each day everyday.

C colleagues suggests to stop losing weight
T they don’t approve of me
F angry
A develop worse self image than I already have , think of things that I should say to them , eat out of protocol, indulge in confusion
R stay lost

T they care about me and they r worried that I’m going to get sick
F grateful ?
A thank them for their concern ?
R take control

I’m not sure I can run this model as they still won’t shut up until they see me get fat again .