Offer class at my church or not

I am considering offering a weight loss class at my church using “if I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I lose Weight.” Of course, I will add my own spin with a scripture component and additional teaching around hormones, prediabetes/diabetes and thought work. The problem is my church will not allow me to charge for the classes (6 weeks, 1 1/2 hours each.). I am allowed to accept a “love offering.” Before I commit, I am wavering, because Iwonder how I will feel if I end up with not much compensation for the time and effort I am putting into it. I feel such compassion for so many people in my church being overweight and having health problems. Question: do I offer the course and accept whatever people give me as an offering with “serving” in mind, find another venue that may cost me and still not make any money off it, or wait until I can fully commit no matter what the remuneration? Under normal circumstances, I would charge $97 and they buy their own book. Thanks for your help and SCS!