Offering Dare Ideas

I just wanted to list out some dare ideas for others who are looking for some challenges….

Here’s some dare ideas I’ve done:
I made my first course video and shared it with 5 friends. I asked for feedback. This felt horrible at the time, but they were very encouraging so it ended up well.

I offered to make new music for the Life Coach School Podcast. No response and that’s ok.

I made a medical appointment I was putting off due to fear.

I called a friend that I hadn’t spoken to in years because a rift. I apologized. We had a great conversation.

I offered my musical CD’s/merch to my group students. I sold almost $200 from that one offer.

I committed to losing weight on vacation. Then my scale broke from being in my suitcase. I need to try this dare again.

I offered to coach 5 people by posting on my personal page on Facebook for $100 each for One session only. I am not a coach nor do I want to do that for my career. 7 people who know me signed up.

Dares I have yet to do:
Wear my high school prom dress to the grocery store. I am doing this today.
Wear a sports bra while running — which will show off a 12 inch scar that I am ashamed of.
Turn phone off for an entire day
Create and offer a patreon account for my musical group
Compose and play a tune on Facebook Live
ask for a discount
drink a glass of wine in front of my mom (who will freak out about it)
wear a wig
dress in an 80’s style — with mixed patterns, a side pony tail and high bangs
go to an Esctatic Dance concert
Send an email with multiple misspelled words