Offering to coach (new) friends?

I really want to practice coaching people using the model, and I’ve also been playing with the idea of using Voxer (voice messaging app) in my coaching and I had the idea ask two friends to help me practice. They’re great matches to my ICA, but it’s a fairly new friendship, and now I’m afraid to ask them for fear of ruining the friendship.

Thought Download:
What if they think I’m ahead of them and think of them as needing my help? What if they think I’m not seeing them for where they are and see them as needy? What if they feel unseen/rejected/mad at my offer and then I’ve ruined the budding friendship. What if they say no or want to say no and then have trouble telling me that? What if they say no and I’m then left to question whether I’ve just ruined a potentially great friendship?
C: have the idea to offer free coaching to (new) friends so I can practice
T: what if they think I’m ahead of them/know more than them, and they feel I’m being presumptuous/rude/arrogant
F: scared
A: I don’t offer.
R: I don’t get to practice

C: have the idea to offer free coaching to (new) friends so I can practice
T: I could explain it would be for my practice. I could explain that I believe we all could use help getting out of our own mind and that it would be for mutual benefit. I could say I’m not offering my own insights/answers, but rather helping them get around their own thinking to access their own.
F: still nervous, but willing
A: I offer.
R: I’m practicing moving beyond fear.

My IM is a nice start, but I’m not there yet. I’m still scared I’ll affect the friendship in a negative way. Any other tips for helping me move beyond this? Or is it your experience that it’s usually a bad idea to offer coaching friends (unless they ask)?