Oh boy!

For some time now..Ive contemplated, “Am I simply lazy?” or “Is anxiety just so high that it’s preventing me from getting anything done?” This month of time management is blowing my mind. Whaaaat?!? Could it be as simple as a result of not planning? The fact I so frequently tell myself “I need a break” from doing absolutely nothing is killing me. Talk about ahaaaa moment of the year. Seriously though, I’m struggling as to where to start. Other than the homework exercises..I’m looking at my planner I bought last November for this year. It is blank, don’t worry. And guess what, just by purchasing didn’t make organized, What the heck?! Hahah. I’m now ready to conquer this thing called planning. Where do I begin?? Like seriously. Do I just start with the homework and not look at the planner? I get anxiety just looking at the blank pages. Do I find my millions of lists I have everywhere and start writing them down everyday until I get them done??? How do I prioritize what needs to be done? Aaaaghhh.. I’m pretty sure I needed the topic.